Don’t Room Clear Alone

I realize that the idea of standing guard at a fixed point rather than actively searching for the bad guy is repulsive to many. In the article I wrote about “are you capable of using deadly force”  I discusses the morality of personal protection and my feelings on it. If you read that article you may come to the conclusion that the two views are incompatible.  However, that is not true.

It’s not about being afraid to shoot the bad guy.  The most effective way to protect your family is to stay covered and let the bad guys come to you. It is common military science that takes a larger force to defeat fixed defenses.

Think about what it take to get you if you had a clear lane of fire and plenty of ammo?  It is reasonable to assume it would take more than a couple of burglars to get to the boy’s room.

If that’s not good enough reason, you can look at the video below for the other reason. I suggest that the typical homeowner faces an impossible task to clear rooms while ensuring previously cleared rooms stay clear. The video clearly shows why.  As the defender leaves a cleared space for a new area an intruder can slip behind you and get behind your defenses.

Room clearing is done with a team for a reason.  Such as, individual members can clear rooms.  While additional team members can watch their backs and ensure that cleared rooms stay secure.

I realize that there are some concepts and procedures for how to room clear solo.

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