Glock Slide Disassembly

You’re going to have to watch the video on this one. An article on Glock Slide Disassembly won’t do justice to this without pictures, and an article with pictures is going in an upcoming book, and as I learned from a recent book “Quitter” you cannot sell anything if you give it all away for free….

But since I like you, I will let you watch the video below for free.

As you watch this Glock Slide Disassembly realize that this is a pretty simple process. The glock was designed to only have 34 parts. That includes the magazine. Other semi-automatic pistols of similar size have over 100 parts.

A single punch or the Glock armorer tool is all you need to do the majority of Glock work.

This is a simple gun to work on. However, for liability purposes, I would recommend that you take the one day factory Glock armorer class before you work on self-defense guns. Furthermore, it is a fun class, is only one day, and is relatively inexpensive.

As you work on your pistol, don’t get in a hurry. Above all, don’t force anything. Since the pins are not hard to push in to remove or to replace, forcing them will probably break something.

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